Camp Freeland Leslie (CFL) is located near Oxford, Wisconsin, approximately a three hour drive from the Council Office in St. Charles, Illinois. While the camp is in Wisconsin, it is owned by Three Fires Council and operated by its employees. It is maintained year round for many types of Scouting events. The primary program is the summer camp, just one of the many events held on the property. During the summer, up to three types of camps are offered to Scouting groups. Most campers are from the Three Fires Council and surrounding councils, but Scouters from Wisconsin and around the world have attended CFL.


The summer camp program at CFL starts with the Webelos Adventure Camp (WAC), a Webelos resident camp. These camp sessions are for the two oldest age groups in Cub Scouts called Webelos. The CFL Webelos Adventure Camp provides an outstanding program that allows Webelos and their parents to have a positive first camping experience and see what CFL is all about. There are a total of three Adventure Camp sessions. Each consists of four days and three nights with two full days of camp activities. The sessions have a capacity of 225 Webelos. With parents and leaders, these sessions can total over 400 campers.


Following the Webelos sessions, Camp Freeland Leslie hosts several weeks of a traditional patrol cooking style summer camp for Boy Scouts. The Boy Scout program offered provides a level of enthusiasm and Scouting spirit that can not be matched. From a commitment to high quality merit badge instruction, to programs that will challenge any Scout’s abilities, CFL is where the Scout Oath and Law come to life. The Boy Scout program is designed to build and strengthen the troop and patrol method. During weeklong camps, CFL provides unique opportunities, specialized instruction, and adventure activities that can only occur in this long-term outdoor environment. Themed activities emphasize the mastery of traditional Scouting skills and heighten the excitement about camp. There are a total of five Boy Scout Camp sessions. Each consists of seven days and six nights with five full days of camp activities. Typically, up to sixteen units can be in camp at the same time including upwards of 350 participants during the busiest sessions.


Sometimes, the camp hosts specialty camps in beginning or end of the summer. One such camp is the LDS Encampment. This weeklong camp is specifically designed for Scouts in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The programs offered are very similar to a standard Boy Scout week: patrol style cooking, merit badges, and challenge adventure activities are an integral part of the program, along with other activities that meet the needs of the participants in camp. The LDS Encampment is usually six to eight days with five full days of camp activities. Attendance can be as much as 500 campers. Another such camp is the NJROTC camp. In this co-ed program, usually five to eight days long, youth from NJROTC groups from the midwest attend to complete their basic training program.


The facilities at Camp Freeland Leslie provide for a positive camping experience for all ages. Maintained year round by quality staff, the camp is a prestine snapshot of nature. Trails, program areas, campsites, and buildings are fitted to blend the beauty of outdoors with the 21st century. Campsites are fully equipped with running water and private outhouses. A modern showerhouse with heated water, flush toilets, and individual stalls is friendly to scouts, parents, and leaders.