The Webelos Resident Camp at CFL is packed full of activities for both Scouts and adults to enjoy. Each day is divided into three main program times during which events take place. During the first two program times, in the morning and in the afternoon, all areas of camp are open. Camp staff will lead Scouts in activities that fulfill requirements for Webelos Adventure Pins. Morning and afternoon programs operate on an “open” schedule. This means that there is no specific start or end time for each Adventure Pin. Scouts may join in at any time. This allows the Scouts to move at their own pace while at camp. As a rough estimate, about an hour is needed to complete an Adventure Pin. The third program time is held in the evening. During this period, all program areas are open, and Scouts can participate in outdoor activities such as rocket launching, human foosball, shooting sports, and aquatics. A detailed paper schedule will be distributed on the first day of camp.

All the details about offerings at camp can be found in the CFL Webelos Resident Camp Parent and Leader Guide found on our Forms and Guides page.

AQUATICS (Waterfront)

Swimming, Boating, and Fishing! Webelos can earn the Aquanaut Adventure Pin at Lake Emrick or enjoy the lake by taking out one of the rowboats. An adult who has passed the swimmer test must accompany their Scouts in the rowboat. There is also open swim during the afternoon. Enjoy fishing from the shore or from a rowboat. There are lots of fish (Perch, Sunfish, Bass, and others) in the lake. The Ecology/Conservation staff has fishing gear to borrow, or you may bring your own.

Water Swimming Boating


Handicrafts! New Frontiers will be offering the Art Explosion and Game Design Adventure Pins! Webelos can also build their own rocket and have the opportunity to launch it for the Adventures in Science Adventure Pin! Additional crafts can be purchased in the trading post and worked on with the help of the staff.



Nature! Webelos can earn the Adventures in Science (rocket building takes place in New Frontiers), Earth Rocks!, Into the Wild, and into the Woods Adventure Pins in our nature area. The staff leads guided explorations of the natural wonders of camp including an astronomy hike. Check out the nature center with its experiments and hands-on displays.

Eco-Con Fishing


Outdoor Skills! Webelos can earn the following new Adventure Pins in Scoutcraft: Camper, Castaway, Cast Iron Chef, First Responder, Scouting Adventure, Sportsman, and Stronger Faster Higher. Play life-sized human foosball and enjoy a climbing wall. This is where Webelos can also earn their Whittlin’ Chip.



Air Rifle and Archery! Learn to safely handle and shoot a BB gun or a bow and arrow. Take a break from earning adventure pins and head over to shooting sports!

Shooting Sports Fun with the Staff


While working on Adventure Pins, camp staff will provide Scouts with a record sheet. This sheet will list all of the requirements that the Scout completed. These forms are the only records used to track each Scout’s work. Parents are highly encouraged to collect these forms from their Scouts. CFL Staff will not sign Webelos books.


CFL’s Webelos Resident Camp will be offering 14 Adventure Pins from the new Webelos Requirements. The table below lists the Webelos Adventure Pins that will be offered at camp. Some Adventure Pins can be fully completed at camp. For adventures that cannot be fully completed, the requirements able to be completed at camp are listed. The adventures that are not offered at camp, due to the spirit of their requirements, are best suited to be completed at home.

2017 WRC adventure pins offered


CFL also offers the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award and the Whittling Chip. These awards take additional time to complete in comparison to other offerings at CFL.


Camp Freeland Leslie incorporates a camp wide theme into all the Webelos program events. This theme is unique to CFL which adds distinction to those Scouts participating in both day camps and the CFL Webelos Resident Camp. As part of the theme, Webelos will participate in a series of challenges throughout their time at camp.

2019 Camp Freeland Leslie Theme: TBA

Are you inspired by the chivalry of knights or the mystery of magic? Do you see yourself exploring outer space and encountering beings from other planets? Choose your destiny or explore a little bit of both worlds this summer at Camp Freeland Leslie!